Why are exponential growth stocks being crushed? Time to move out of tech?

In March I started a growth portfolio. It looked to me that growth stocks had just seen a major correction with some of those shares down even 50%. I thought this was the correction, and we could see a rebounce. As usual I was wrong, and my stocks kept dropping. The higher my conviction was… Continue reading Why are exponential growth stocks being crushed? Time to move out of tech?

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April 2021 Portfolio update: when bulls and bears are nowhere to be found

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Let the winds carry you to financial freedom with Coast FIRE

As I've often said before there is different ways to reach FIRE. The way to get there and when to get there is different for everyone. One type I particularly like is Coast FIRE or CoastFIRE. Its not easy to reach but if you manage to get there it can give incredible peace of mind and it will work in any country in any kind of pension system! Find out what Coach FIRE is and how you can reach it.

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Eight advantages to living in the EU when starting your Roadtrip to Financial Independence

With high tax rates some of us might be frustrated that its much more difficult to reach Financial Independence compared to the rest of the world. However living in the EU has a few major advantages that will actually make it easier to reach Financial Independence.