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Goals progress August 2019 – First update – FIRE

Since this is the very first update, it is not a quarterly update, but it is a first status of where I am currently. I set myself some goals for 2019 that I believe are not impossible to make

Main goals

  • Increase passive income
  • Increase Savings rate (slightly)
  • Get more structural passive income
  • Diversify

Passive income

What is included to make passive income?

  • Tax Returns on investments: I doubted to put this in or not, but it really should count as ROI, although its not pretty constant. Its a one time only payment
  • Returns on stocks (after taxes) – only actual realized return
  • Dividends on Stocks
  • Funds (unrealized return) – (YTD)

What is excluded?

  • Retirement funds (since they will be unrealized until 2049… )
  • Interests on savings accounts (so small that I don’t bother to check)

Savings rate

This is a really hard one to tackle since I have a lot of business expenses. This is making it hard to estimate my savings rate. But I did put an estimated guess here. I would say as long as it is above 70% I am happy.

Structural changes goals

  • Purchasing a house: this would allow me to rent out my current apartment and maybe earn a little bit extra on Airbnb rentals. It would also give me a more structural income
  • Increase investements on SP500 and Divident stocks

Goals by end 2020

Based on the above I set myself the following goals to reach by the end of 2020. If I reach all the goals I will reach my goal to have a passive income of 750 EUR/Month by the end of 2020

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