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Passive income is taking of | Portfolio November update

Investment update in November

I have my monthly transfers set to transfer one part to my keytrade account, where I then buy EFTs every 3-4 months, and the rest send to peer to peer investments. Most of which is going to Mintos. I consider mintos still the safest peer to peer lending site, altough the returns are the lowest.

I also decided to pull back from Neofinance, although this is a process that could take up multiple years. The reason is that I consider the costs for provision fund to high, making investments there not paying off the first year.

Peer to peer taxes

I have been wondering a lot of times if I should bring taxes into account when I calculate my return. The thing is I always considered my goals after-taxes goals. Not considering taxes like BTW and such. I live in Belgium and there there is a 30% tax on peer to peer income. Although it is such a niche that there is very few information available. It is not yet very clear if it means realized value (so I should pay it when I withdraw) or if its a yearly tax. I will probably post the question to the tax authorities.

I also looked if there would be some way to escape these taxes. Apart from moving abroad I have not found any.


Vividoctor, one the startups I had invested 500 EUR (+25 EUR cost) in went bankrupt. I did get 225 EUR back from the taxes lowering my loss to 300 EUR. This was also the startup I believed in the most as it produced something I would use myself. It does makes me doubt to invest any further money into startups. I had stopped for a few months already considering the extreme long investment horizon.

My Portfolio

Apart from additional investments of about 2500 EUR the market has been quite good and my portfolio is approaching 75.000 EUR.

Lets look into more detail for each of these investment types shall we.

Peer to Peer

NameInception date / start of trackingCurrent Value% Gain / LossUnrealized Profit / Loss
Peer2peer Portfolio30/09/2019249590.9%224.45

In my Portfolio I invested in nine p2p sites. Grupeer and Mintos have the biggest shares, followed by Crowdesector


  • Additional 825 EUR in Mintos
  • Additional 400 EUR in Grupeer
  • Additional 100 EUR went to Monothera / PeerBerry / Crowdestor / Kuetzal / TFGCrowd / Envestio
  • Withdrew 100 EUR from NeoFinance, and moved some from Peerberry to Mintos when there was no loans available there

Investment strategy:

  • Preferably Short term loans (24 months max), so I can still get my money out in a reasonable time if needed
  • Where investing in consumer loans always with buy back guarantee or some insurance. In this case try to spread over as many loans as possible (e.g. 1000 euro invest 10 EUR in 100 loans)
  • Some sites you can invest in real estate or businesses then try to make sure there is always some guarantee behind it, preferably from the site. Limit investments in these to 100 – 200 EUR per loan to spread as much as possible.
  • Spread over multiple sites, but at the same time do not sign up at every site you can find
  • Try to automate investing where these sites allow it

Passive income

What we can see now is that most sites are starting to give a passive income.

Detailed list of platforms I have invested in

NameInception dateCurrent Value% Gain / Loss since inception (2 months)Unrealized Profit / Loss


My income on Crowdesector as been steadily increasing. My interests is rather low compared to other platforms, but thats also because loans here are larger and the payment sometimes starts after 6 months and is quarterly.


Grupeer income was 65 EUR this month, and it has been going up the fastest. Considering I do have a large portion invested in Grupeer the rise is understandably. Its a good platform with nice returns and I will continue to add more EUR inhere.


Also Kuetzal has been increasing, currently making me 12 EUR / Month.


TFGCrowd income has been rising also and is now at 13 EUR / Month. I notice how steep the curve is with TFGCrowd and wonder if it will stay this way..


Mintos is a platform I really believe in since it has a great auto – invest. My interest is not so high here considering the amounts of money I invested, but that’s also because I have a very conservative investing strategy here, investing only in creditors of B and higher. Still I made 51 EUR here this month.

Neo Finance

I am currently withdrawing my money from this platform. As you can see the first month it made me -150 EUR, on an investment of about 1500 EUR that was quite a lot, although I do expect it will continue to make me a steadily 20 EUR per month the next years. That also means it will take a while before I manage to get all money out.


Peerberry has nice returns. I did had to withdraw some cash since no loans were available but still the income continues to rise. Currently at 23 EUR per month.


Monothera gave me almost 17 EUR this month. Which is not bad considering the amounts I have invested. With a 2% return this month Monothera gave me the highest return. Partly because of a 0.5% cashback I got the first 3 months I signed up. If you use my link you will get the same cashback.


Evestio gave me a 15 EUR profit this month. Generally this site usually gives large returns. The only issue with the site is that the offers are not always plentiful so there is some cash drag.


November 2019Inception dateCurrent Value% Gain / LossUnrealized Profit / LossAverage (Yearly)
Vanguard S&P 50030/09/201935811.96%70.211.76%

My ETFs did not change much, I have not bought extra to my investments in Vanguard SP 500 Didivend ETF remain stable for now.

As I said in my update last month, I was thinking to increase my automatic transfer to buy ETFs and I did. I have increased it to 600 EUR now, allowing me to purchase ETF faster. I am considering to purchase one other ETF apart from Vanguard S&P 500.

Keytrade Funds

November 2019Inception dateCurrent Value% Gain / LossUnrealized Profit / LossAverage (Yearly)

It was a great month for my Keytrade fund as they have Grown this month with 500 EUR!

Retirement funds

November 2019Inception dateCurrent Value% Gain / LossUnrealized Profit / LossAverage (Yearly)
KBC Pension funds30/03/2013799919.31%15452.93%
First job Pension plan01/01/20191467
Second job Pension plan01/01/2019592
Third job Pension plan01/01/201912084

Also here a nice increase of over 100 EUR compared to last month!


As I said above one of my startups went bankrupt. I lost about 300 EUR because of this. So not such a good month here

Wins / losses this month

  • My passive income has reached 163 EUR this month (after taxes)
  • My keytrade funds gained 500 EUR
  • A startup went brankrupt losing me 300 EUR
  • My ETFs are currently holding at 68 EUR profit (since inception)
  • My pension fund have made an additional 100 EUR profit
  • So in total I gained about 500 EUR (unrealized) this month or a 0.6% increase. And that despite of the Startup that went bankrupt, this is actually quite amazing!

Recap on my Plan for the remainder of the year

Goals met
  • Passive income of 100 EUR / Month – I set this goal for this year, and now I realize it was not ambitious enough. Nevertheless I met it. My passive income goal of 1270 EUR is now at 13%!
Image result for at risk
Goal at Risk
  • Search for a long term investment (= House) is at Risk although I do go to see to houses from time to time
  • I have 3.6k invested in EFTs and needed 4k. Unless there is a huge market rise I will not meet this goal. Still I came really close.
  • I wanted to buy off my study years as working years, but due to huge delays at the Belgian government side this goal is now at Risk
  • Continue investments in Startups = considering the long term and the risk I decided not to invest anything else in startups for now

What is next?

I will continue to make peer to peer my most important investment but at the same time remain to invest in ETFs. I also continue my search for a house that you can follow here

I am also considering to close my Keyplan funds account and moving it into other investments. The reason is that while it has done very well the last month (up 500 Euro), over a three years period the performance has been quite bad. This could have partly to do with the costs of the funds (1-2,5 percent). If those were not there they would perform considerably better.

Read my update on October here if you would like to compare. I will also post a savings rate update soon! Subscribe and make sure you don’t miss any of my monthly portfolio updates!


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