High housing costs and Holidays killed my saving rate!

After having a horrible month for my investments it will now be the second month in a row I need to report a bad saving rate. And this time even much worse then last month. although if I compare with last year its very similar to February when my holiday expenses came in later due to using a different credit card.

Let’s go over the highlights of this month:

  • Restaurants costs have dropped to 211 EUR in December! Another small gain to improve my expenses on restaurants!
  • Living costs rose to 1565 EUR this month. This included the loan – 550 EUR, quarterly cleaning costs – 270 EUR – sometime I do think to cancel cleaning and extra syndic costs for the apartment block – 700 EUR. Last year I paid the quarterly costs in March, so it was unexpected that it came a month early
  • I spend about 1000 EUR on a citytrip, January is often a month I do trips. I do 2-3 trips a year, but I expect this will be one of the more expensive
  • I spend 70 EUR on hobbys, which is rather low this month. The winter months and cold limit my mountainbiking I guess
  • My food costs dropped a bit to 150 EUR
  • I upgraded my wordpress blog for 212 EUR, so I could use plug-ins and have access to more features. This has been one of the best decisions, I really love the ease that WordPress allows me to add plugins
  • Some other smaller expenses
  • I had no special bonuses this month to save my saving rate

Again the 1270 EUR seems like an impossible goal unless I plan to live inside a cave and never come out! But maybe there will be one month where I manage to pull this off. Maybe February?

So I got a negative saving rate of -1%. Hopefully this will be the only month this year!

The chart

The moment you have all been waiting for 😉 The graph with my savings rate. This month I am doing much worse then last year (eeek!!). But that’s also because my holiday expenses for last year didn’t came in until February and my housing costs came in 2 months earlier then last year!

Average saving rate so far…

As a final note I want to close with my average saving rate. So far I am able to get a 40% savings rate in the last 12M, a decrease with about 5%. Next month I plan to do better when I compete with a much easier month (February).

I have a competition with myself that I need to do 5% better then last year. So far I can say I am doing a horrible job doing actually 70% worse then last year. But we still have a whole year to go so I will not give up and do better next month!

Its in Red as I feel like anything under 50% should be in red 🙂

Whats next

I don’t expect big expenses next month and I will be working the full month so my income should be a little higher.

I do plan to go out a little bit more after work. I noticed that while its cheap to sit home alone, its better to be around people, so I will try to be around people about twice a week. Of course

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One thought on “High housing costs and Holidays killed my saving rate!

  1. Keep it up man, there are still 11 months till the end of the year so you have more than enough time work on your income and expenses 😉


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