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FIRE Goals Quarterly Update: Q1 2020

As usual I post an update of my quarterly goals. But it seems that just 3 months in my goals have been drastically affected. A collapse of a major platform in Peer to peer, other platforms at risk, the Corona virus closing shops and all events caused me to make forced or not some drastic decisions to my goals.

FIRE Goal 1: Passive Income vs Net worth

I want to revise this goal, as I am moving out of peer to peer lending, and my stocks are no dividend stocks due to tax reasons I feel that I should be focusing more on Net Worth rather then income. The only thing that could generate income now is real estate. So I will give it some thought and come up with a number that seems reasonable. But I really want to take my time for this, I just think its strange to put a number on this before you have bought a house that could see yourself living in for the rest of my life. On the one hand it needs to be something that I can actually achieve also. In general it should just be big enough to bridge the gap between my retirement age and the government pension I would get at 67.

FIRE Goal 2: retirement age

As a retirement age, I have set myself the conservative goal I want to have the option to retire before I reach 50. That does not mean I will retire, but it would be good to have the option. I will review this age when I am further down the line in Fire.

FIRE Goal 3: Buying a house

Right now there is no houses on the market due to Corona. I am still wondering how this will affect the prices and will probably do a separate blog about just this topic.

You can follow my house hunt in my blog. Check out the latest post here.

My goals for 2020

I had enough time to think about these

  • Invest 15000 EUR in ETFs (additionally) Has now become invest 30.000 extra in ETFs = 7500 EUR invested so far!
  • Invest 15000 EUR in p2p (additionally) I will be leaving peer to peer
  • Earn a passive income of 350 EUR / month (by December) (Before taxes) = This will become pretty impossible since I am leaving peer to peer. I leave it onthere for now though
  • 5% more saving rate then in 2019 (for the months where there is data) = So far I am doing worse due to a mix of extra costs and a drop in income due to Corona, however I am not giving up yet 🙂
  • Buy a house
  • Buy off university years (so they count as working years towards retirement age): this goal is coming over from 2018: YES I managed to do this, so this will make it much easier to retire earlier, as now the 4 years I studied at university count as working years towards the calculation of the height of my pension at 67!
  • It would be nice if this blog reached 1000 pageviews / month = This goal has been reached and it has been over 1000 views / month for 3 months in a row now

Sportive goals for Q2 2020

I wrote the following in the beginning of the year:

I started Mountainbiking in April 2019, and would like to continue to improve my skills there. There is a tour in the Ardennen called Rock d’Ardenne. Its quite a hilly region in Belgium. So far I drove almost only on reasonably flat pathways and fields, so it will be a challenge to have bigger altitude differences. It takes places in the beginning of May. The pack I would be interested in is 90km spread over 3 days. I currently do about 50km on a flat surface most Sundays, so it would be slightly more challenging then what I did so far. Some more tours I am interested in If I complete it successfully I will be looking into more tours later on the year! I already have a few more in mind.

But due to Corona all mountainbike tours are canceled! 😦 That means unless the tour I had in mind bellow is postponed I will not be meeting this goal. But I can still make my goal of doing 60km with a mountainbike. Last weekend I went for a 50KM drive so I am getting quite close to make this goal and feel confident I will, most likely in the next quarter!

Since I can no longer pursue most of my usual activities mid-week, I have also picked up running as a sport, and am coming close to the benchmark of running 5km! As a goal for now I want to be able to run 10km by the time Corona is over!

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5 thoughts on “FIRE Goals Quarterly Update: Q1 2020

  1. Thanks for the update. Always interesting to read. Really unfortunate you have to move out of P2P. But if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Just keep investing in your ETFs and you’ll reach your goal sooner or later.
    You say, you have a drop of income, I can’t remember reading about that? Or do you mean because of holidays?
    Best of luck and stay healthy in these strange times my fellow countryman!


    1. Yup I hope to get most out of Peer to Peer but Im worried about Grupeer. Anyway whatever happens it will take a while.
      I travel for work and get a bonus when I do a trip and right now I can’t travel anymore. On the other hand I can also spend some time in Belgium so I don’t care to much about it. I can still work, just from home now instead of from Abroad 😉
      Lots of health for you to!


  2. I like the controversial goal of retiring at 50. I wish you all the best. We need some big hairy audacious goals… I look forward to read where/how you land.

    I considered buying off university years, and did not do it. Should I reconsider?


    1. At the very least I want to have the option to retire at 50, I will decide then if I will stop working. For buying off retirement years I suggest you check out mypension and do the calculation. Generally if you plan to work until 67 and have a good income its not worth it, however anyone who plans to stop working before 60 should really do that, as it will matter so much in the retirement income you will get after 67.


      1. I understand that… I also want options to do what I want. And right now, that is work less to be with people I like. I work 80pct. I used the simulation tool, I will make a post out of it.


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