Savings rate July 2020: slight increase to 33.99%

July was a fairly good month, one the one hand my expenses for “hobby’s” (mainly sports), rose rather high, on the other hand I was able to keep most of my other expenses in check.


Lets start with the expenses and compare June and July

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The highlights

  • Housing costs have slightly increased to 826 EUR since I had my EPC measured of my apartment. It was almost 10 years old and I am considering to sell my apartment to have a bigger budget to buy a house
  • Hobbys remain high, mainly due to kite lessons, but I expect a drop for this in August
  • Groceries have dropped. I wrote last month that I had an increase because of microwave food. This month I cooked 90% of the meals myself, and it shows on my grocery bill, I spend 100 EUR less, this is a wise lesson for me!
  • Shopping has dropped a lot, I already got my summer outfit now, and I have no need for anything new
  • Restaurant costs are at about 100 EUR, which is quite an accomplishment for me 😉

Expenses overview for 2020

My total expenses for July were 1909, slightly lower then the previous month


Nothing special on the income side, I got my usual monthly wage. I just heard I will be working from home until January, so there will be no chance to earn any additional bonusses.

Saving Rate

Given the circumstances a saving rate of 34.99% is not bad. Of course its much lower then last year, but last year I did get a travel bonus as well.

2019 saving rate: 45.8%

2020 average (so far): 45.28%

Whats next

Next month I have my quarterly syndic costs coming up at 670 EUR. I still need to pay this 3 more times after that and then it will finally drop to around 400 EUR with one of the loans on this paid off!

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One thought on “Savings rate July 2020: slight increase to 33.99%

  1. Keep up the good work. 34.99 is still more than the european average (https://www.fighttofire.com/money-cant-buy-happiness-but-saving-helps/#Who_are_the_biggest_savers) 😉

    Wow, working from home till January! That’s long. We haven’t gotten any news about the duration of the working-from-home-period but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’ll be similar to yours. It’s interesting to see your expense graph of the year 2020. You can clearly see the lockdown period 😀


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