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September 2020 Portfolio update: volatile markets during American elections

Investment update in September 2020

I saw the stock markets go up and down like a rollercoaster this month. I heard the American elections are the reason of the volatile markets. Unfortunately it means for the first time since the covid-recovery started I saw a drop again in my stocks. My portfolio still grew slightly but that is more caused by additional investments rather then a growing stock market. At least I was able to buy the extra stocks on one of the low points during the month.

On peer to peer investments Im still trying to recover cash from Mintos, Kuetzal and Grupeer. For CrowdEstor its more the withdrawal from principal that takes time, but more about that bellow.

All triathlons I was inscribed in got canceled. For most I got all the money back, and for one partly. That’s really unfortunate but it will not stop me from trying to inscribe in new sport events. The next event I have my eye on is a 10 miles run at the Belgian coast in November. I have the choice between 8 and 16km and I think I will go for the 16 even though I have not ran more then 8km these last months, I still have some time to train.

I have also completed kite lessons this summer, and found a great bargain on a second hand kit so I can practice by myself. I will post more exact numbers on that during my monthly saving rate update.

Alright enough stuff about my life lets go and check how much my portfolio dropped or increased.

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My Portfolio

My Portfolio has risen slightly to 68269 EUR (+831) this is mainly due to additional investments, as you will be able to see bellow the stock market has gone down slightly this month.

So this months rise was only because of a 1300 EUR extra investment. I’m not able to invest additionally every month, I invest about every 2-3 months, as soon as I can invest over 1000 EUR basically, so hopefully it will rise “by itself” next month!

Lets look into more detail for each of these investment types shall we.


It seems the stock market got a drop last month for the first time in months, causing a small loss this month and a total loss this year of 1244 EUR.

Inception DateTotal PortfolioMonthly P&LTotal P&L
SPDR MSCI World UCITS ETF (SWRD)31/01/202036924-576-1137
IShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF (CEMU)28/02/20202346-42-107
Total ETF Portfolio30/09/201939270-618-1244

At this point I am really happy I limited my portfolio to just two ETFs, it makes it so much easier to track! And I keep finding it very easy to invest with DEGIRO, I am really happy I chose DEGIRO as broker!


My World ETF has made a drop this month unfortunately putting me at a loss of -3% since inception.

SPDR MSCI WORLD UCITSTotal PortfolioMonthly P&LTotal P&L% P&L


With a -42 EUR loss this month the loss was slightly lower for this ETF.

ISHARES CORE MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETFTotal PortfolioMonthly ProfitTotal P&L% gain/loss

Peer to Peer

I am left with only 5 peer to peer investments: 2 active peer to peer investments (Crowdestor and TFGCrowd), 1 with 100% of the funds in recovery (Mintos) and 2 where I am trying to recover some funds trough legal action.

I only show withdrawals here. So far I withdrew about 49% of the funds I had invested in peer to peer.

PortfolioStartTotal at 29/02/2019Left inpeer to peerExpected end dateMoney left to withdraw
Grupeer30/09/201989908990Defaulted. In Legal procedure100.00%
Kuetzal30/09/201910051005Defaulted. In Legal procedure100.00%


  • Some changes at the CrowdEstor site this month! You can now see how many projects are delayed. I knew I had about 20% of my projects delayed, but I didnt knew it was close to 37% of the invested cash. That now becomes clearly visible.
  • The good news is the delay is all smaller then 30 days, so hopefully its normal and they will catch up for the most part.

More good news it that in October normally 400 EUR of principal should be repaid. I’m very curious to see if that money will land on my account this month. We are talking about the projects: Indoor beach volleyball center (II), Family house developer and Construction company (public procurement)

  • Another new item is a secondary market. Crowdestor added a secondary market. I right away listed everything that expires in 2022 and everything thats late with a payment for sale at a small discount.
  • However I don’t have much hope this will work. When I look at the secondary market huge discounts are being given, up to 72.45%! So I really doubt anyone will go for the 2-5% discount offers I have on the market, even if they are not late.


No progress at all from Grupeers side this month. Grupeer created a recovery firm but it seems after one month the bank account of this respectable recovery firm is not yet approved.

Meanwhile my ready to withdraw amount has grown to over 5000 EUR, but of course I can’t withdraw anything.

My main method to recover funds is legal action. I can say that its moving but very slowly, it will take at least a year before anything is recovered, and probably much longer to recover a bigger amount of funds.


I am in a legal procedure with Kuetzal and cannot comment on any non-public information, I wanted to share more this month but I still can’t. Perhaps in september.


Mintos now allows you to see where they money in recovery is stuck. To my surprise about 200 EUR was also stuck in Monego. The rest is stuck in Capital Service. No progress here unfortunatly.


I was expecting to withdraw 200 EUR here this month, however this has lowered to 112 EUR. The last 88 EUR has not been paid yet, but falls under a buy-back guarantee, so I expect to have it back in two months. The money I was able to withdraw in September was transferred to DEGIRO.


I still have now 3200 EUR in startups invested, I have every intention to withdraw this whenever possible.

Retirement funds

I decided not to update my retirement funds all the time since for most of the funds I get an update just once a year, so I will update it also just once a year. This is from end of 2019. I will update it again in December 2020.

November 2019Current Value
KBC Pension funds7999
First job Pension plan1467
Second job Pension plan592
Third job Pension plan12084

Wins / losses this month

  • My ETF Portfolio made a small 500 EUR loss.
  • Slowly but certainly I am moving out of peer to peer
  • All the triathlons I wanted to participate in got canceled 😦 I need to move this goal to next year.

What is next?

  • I will postpone my triathlon to next year. I will train for a 1/4th by then!
  • My secret project is still ongoing. I will probably not be able to share any info about this until January 2021 😦 It sucks because its so exciting but its classified 😦

I will also post a savings rate update soon! Subscribe and make sure you don’t miss any of my monthly portfolio updates!


3 thoughts on “September 2020 Portfolio update: volatile markets during American elections

  1. I’m really curious about your secret project 🙂
    Too bad you couldn’t do a triathlon, but maybe next year when we have a vaccine. For now you can always keep training for it to stay in shape.
    Also good to see that P2P is moving along.


    1. Thanks! Yes I want to say more about it, but its best if I dont for now, its something Im dedicating a lot of time to, but that could still go wrong.
      I hope things will be more normal by spring next year, lets see!


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