Change in URL to https://roadtriptofire.com

In 2 weeks I will be changing the domain from euromoney.blog to roadtriptofire.com

I chose Euromoney as I didn’t knew what direction I wanted this blog to go out, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to have something about money and investing.

As the entire blog is now about FIRE and financial independence, I decided to register the domain that I was already using as a slogan of this website for a long time.

I also always regretted not having a .com domain as it does look more professional and you are a bit more independent of WordPress. I am using wordpress now but I do feel there is some limitations here and there, and being more independent will allow me to keep my options open.

The big downside is I need to start building my backlinks again from 0, but I do know better how to do it now, so I feel I will get a good backlink rate faster.

Please update your favorites, bookmarks or any links to this site you have to https://roadtriptofire.com. The switch date will be the weekend of the 12th of December.

If you are subscribed by email, nothing will change your email will get the new links automatically.

Additionally I will be looking for a professional logo designer for a new logo for the Website.

Thank you for your continuous support and if you haven’t already please subscribe!


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