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Holiday’s coming up / changes to the blog

As I said in a previous portfolio update I wanted to take a trip, and I decided to drive by car to Croatia. Its almost a 20 hour drive there, so I am not sure what I am getting myself into yet.

I will blog about how it went during Corona times ;-), but it also means that my Portfolio update will be online about 1 week later then usual. Additionally there will be no YouTube video’s during this period.

You might have noticed there was no saving rate update this month either, this is more related to the fact I am not sure if I want to keep tracking my expenses monthly. I feel like keeping a saving rate has helped me a lot in terms of budgeting, however relentlessly tracking every expense and budgeting is not making me that happy either. I know I do need to know this to know when I will be financially independent, but tracking it on a yearly basis will also give me this info, so monthly is not really needed.

Also as you might have noticed I occasionally post videos on my blog. I do this when I feel they are related to my portfolio updates, and can use them to refer to something there, like a stock purchase.

The idea is to do have my YouTube channel more about the investing side & technology, and my blog more about Portfolio updates and Personal updates.


4 thoughts on “Holiday’s coming up / changes to the blog

  1. Interesting change. I’m looking forward to your updates and especially your road trip to Croatia. Enjoy the trip and your holiday!


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