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January 2023 Portfolio update: 15000 EUR extra helps to forget the 2022 bloodbath!

  • My Net worth jumped to 599328 EUR (+15400) where it reached an all-time high! Soooo close to 600k!
  • Both my growth Portfolio, dividend Portfolio and ETF portfolio had a big increase this month. Details bellow!
  • Still travelling to Porto, I am quite enjoying the Portuguese winters and flight connections are really good! If I ever have a holiday home Portugal would be one location to consider to hide from Belgian winters 😉

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As a starters I do not want to keep you from some Portugal pictures. It would be the perfect place to enjoy some Financial Independence!

Apart from eating some delicious Portugese food and exploring Porto, I also did an amazing 58km bike ride along the coast! If you like surfing and cycling then Porto is the place to be!

How is your portfolio doing YTD? Leave a comment bellow!

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My Portfolio

My Portfolio has increased to 266107 EUR (+18758), compared to my end of August update. I also invested about 6300 EUR this month. After noticing that last year the money on my savings account actually grew I decided to increase my monthly investments. I am now aiming on about 1000 EUR / week.


The core of my long term strategy is ETF‘s. Boring but effective. They went up a smooth 5%!

Dividend Portfolio

My dividend Portfolio increased almost 10% + some additional investments totalling it on 43842 EUR! I just started this portfolio last year so its crazy how fast it has been growing.

I do want to give some additional updates:

  • AT&S: again I invested more in AT & S, I still feel confident about its short and long term future
  • I added 2 new shares for the first time since June: Halyk bank, a very low priced bank, also the top bank in Kazachstan, with just 1% Russia exposure. The second share I added was Serica Energy. It has a huge balance sheet, low P/E and its trading lower because of uncertainty related to a merger. So this was my chance to pick up a UK-based energy stock cheap.
  • Intel was an absolute disaster in short term earnings and has been wrecking my portfolio as you can see. However they remain on track for their roadmap so I will stick with them!

Growth Portfolio

I also own 2 growth stocks. Its a difficult market for growth stocks and I am in no rush to aquire more. They went up with 16% up to a total value of about 4000 EUR. So less then 2% in my full portfolio.


Cashback received this month: 50 EUR

Airport Lounges visited this month: 1 (Value about 30 EUR/time)

= 80 EUR gained in value

I am HODLing all coins I get from cash back for now.

If you want to use my referral link to get a visa card, you can use it here, then both of us will get 25$. I’ve been using mine since October 2021.

Real Estate

I currently owe one apartment that I purchased in 2010 for 136.000. I got it re-estimated in 2020 at it was valued at 185.000 EUR. I did a re-evaluation of my apartment that values it at 205000 EUR.


I cannot recommend investing in startups at spreads at this point. It costed me more money then I gained over a 5 year period and you cant really say I am not diversified.

Right now I have 1200 EUR still active in startups.

I am using Spreds to purchase these startups.

Check out this post if you want to know how you can invest in startups.

Peer to Peer

Retirement funds

I get an update just once a year, so I will update it also just once a year. This is from end of 2022. I will update it again in December 2023.


This was last updated on 31-12-2022.

I just update in December, as I don’t think its very spectacular to write about my savings here.


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Thank you all for your support!

What blogs are coming up next?

  • For now mostly videos and monthly portfolios are planned!

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