Roadtrip to FIRE recommends

All the things I like I will place on this page. Some (but not all) will contain affiliate links, by using my links you are supporting me to keep this blog going.

Check out these ebooks I recently read to help you in your FIRE journey!


I am using the following Brokers to invest in stocks

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Check out the review of Bux Zero here

Read a DEGIRO beginners Guide here and why I use DEGIRO here

Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

Im using the following tools to invest in Bitcoin

Find out why I invest in Bitcoin here

The Cryptocurrency Exchange I use, chosen for security and low cost reasons
Ledger Nano S – Crypto Hardware Wallet – Secure to Manage Bitcoin and other coins

You can also mine for Cryptocurrency yourself on your phone with this low battery crypto app. You can follow this link and use fireuser99 to sign up (invite only)

Peer to peer

I would be very careful with peer to peer. I am slowly moving out of peer to peer myself. The only peer to peer Website I still trust is Mintos right now, but even there I am lowering my stake. Always do your own due diligence before investing.

Find out why I moved out of p2p.