Roadtrip to FIRE recommends

All the things I like I will place on this page. Some (but not all) will contain affiliate links, by using my links you are supporting me to keep this blog going.

Check out these ebooks I recently read to help you in your FIRE journey!


I am using the following Brokers to invest in stocks

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Check out the review of Bux Zero here

Read a DEGIRO beginners Guide here and why I use DEGIRO here

Cardano/ Cryptocurrency

Im using the following tools to invest in Cryptocurrency (Cardano)

Find out why I invest in Bitcoin here

The Cryptocurrency Exchange I use, chosen for security and low cost reasons

Peer to peer

I would be very careful with peer to peer. I am slowly moving out of peer to peer myself. The only peer to peer Website I still trust is Mintos right now, but even there I am lowering my stake. Always do your own due diligence before investing.

Find out why I moved out of p2p.