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Deep Dive on Palantir’s investment in Lilium

Palantir has recently invested 43M $ in Lilium. The software Palantir delivers probably plays a big role in this deal. This is one of so far 6 SPAC investments that Palantir has made, most likely all are of similar size. In this video we will do a deep dive into Lilium to find out of Palantir made the right decision to invest in this eVTOL company. We will do a deep dive into the numbers, valuation, technology and Liliums competition: - Vertical Aerospace - Volocopter - Joby Aviation - EVE (Halo) - Archer - Wisk - Ehang

Financial Independence · investing

May 2021 Portfolio update: my portfolio is behaving cashlike

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Are the US and China preparing for a war on Bitcoin?

Now a few days after Musk announcing that Tesla would stop accepting payments in Bitcoin, China makes things worse by announcing it will start a crack down on mining companies. While the US policy has been far more liberal then the Chinese policy, making US citizens the main investors in Crypto, a recent attack on the US might have shifted the tables.

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Is a new Cryptowinter coming?

Winter is coming. It can't be avoided. It comes after Autumn. But are we now in summer or are we in autumn? For sure we are not in spring anymore. Bitcoin prices have been around the 45000$ mark now for a while, and Bitcoin has been drastically dropping with every whims of bad news around.… Continue reading Is a new Cryptowinter coming?