Portfolio yearly overview

This is an overview page of my investments, income, debts, spending habits, and update this twice a year. I will do this every year in December and in June, so I am sure to have all data.

Last updated January 2023

Net Worth

I was able to backtrack my Net Worth all the way to 2014.

  • 2014-2019: my investment portfolio mainly consisted from real estate (an apartment that I lived at). Growth of my portfolio was almost only because of wage and I put that wage mainly into savings.
  • The debt I have is pretty much only a loan on my first apartment (details bellow)
  • 2019: I got a windfall when my grandmother from my fathers side died
  • 2019-2020: I started to investing much more aggressively in other investments (details bellow)
  • 2021 my aggressive investments are paying off, and I booked a 36k of compound interest growth on my stock portfolio
  • 2022: A challenging year for the stock market that made my Net Worth go sideways

Investments consists from both real estate and my investment portfolio bellow.

Investment Portfolio

My investment portfolio includes every type of investment apart from Real estate: pension saving, startups, ETFs, stocks, and peer to peer lending

  • 2010: the year I started working and bought my first apartment the same year. I got a very minor pension plan from my employer
  • 2013: The year I started to investing into an additional pension plan with Tax Benefits
  • 2014: I changed jobs, this job had a better pension plan
  • 2016: I discovered the stock market and started investing into Funds
  • 2019: I discovered FIRE, ETFs and Peer to peer
  • 2020: not a great year, I made large losses on my peer to peer investments and moved out my investments there. But I did found out that my ETFs that I started in 2019 paid off and continue to invest in them!
  • 2021: very good year, with 36k compound interest growth on my stock portfolio, covering 148% of my 2021 expenses
  • 2022: terrible year that whiped out all my 2021 gains


Working in IT has in advantages. While I started out very very low I did had the chance to grow very fast. As long as you keep your eyes open for the right job opportunities and keep growing in the direction that you like.

Its interesting to note that I actually do not have a degree in IT, I took some separate courses and got some certificates but mostly I learned on the job. This also explains why I started out very low.

  • 2011: I just started working, my first wage was 1270 EUR after taxes and a gas card. I was on probation for 3 months
  • 2012: I got my first company car, and because I won a competition at work that included taking exams, they could not deny a wage increase. I got to choose my car myself, and went for a full option Golf Bluemotion.
  • 2013-2014: I got almost no increase and I decided to look for another job
  • 2015: I start a new job, this included travel and allowed me to earn bonuses when I traveled. I did get a company car there aswell, and rode a Seat Ibiza to start with.
  • 2016: I got a 5% raise, and a change in company policy included now, apart from our daily travel bonus, quarterly and yearly bonuses. My yearly bonus was 10% of my normal wage. I got a new company car. I did not get to choose and got a Golf with limited options.
  • 2017: I got another small raise, about 5% this time
  • 2018: A big contract was signed and many people working on it including myself got a raise. I got a 18% raise
  • 2019: My yearly bonus was increased to about 20-25% if I met my targets. Additionally I got a 5% raise on my regular wage.
  • 2020: As most of my bonus comes from travelling, and this is not possible anymore, I had to accept a wage cut of about 15% where I lost mostly bonus. In a way its okay because I “had” to travel less. I did get a new company car and chose a BMW X1
  • 2021: still not get back my travel bonus as covid makes travel impossible, however I did get an almost 10% wage increase an my bonus also was slightly higher then usual
  • 2022: I did not get any raise apart from the inflation, which makes me wonder if I have reached the top of my expected wage


I currently have one loan running

  • Loan #1 (2012): for my current apartment: I had to loan 56.000 EUR to buy my current apartment. This loan will be fully paid in September 2021! This loan is fully paid now!
  • Loan #2 (2018): The first roof of the apartment block with a total of 11 apartments had to be renovated, in total it was about 30.000, my share was about 2700 EUR. This loan is fully paid now!
  • Loan #3 (2019): The second roof also went under renovation for a similar amount. This loan will be fully paid in 2023.

Real Estate

  • Apartment #1: purchased at about 136.000 EUR in 2012, click on the link for more info

Saving rate

I started to track my savings rate in 2019, so 2020 is the first time I can visualize it

  • 2019: paid very little attention to my spending, but did start to work on the money I spend on restaurants
  • 2020: corona hit, while it made cutting on expenses easier, my wage also took a hit
  • 2021 paid off the loan of my apartment which had a positive effect on my savings rate
  • 2022: cut back mostly on stuff, hobbies and spend less on housing, of course the higher the save rate, the more I can invest in income generation opportunities, which will again impact my saving rate in a positive way