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[Video] Agronomics November 2021 update

Check out my quarterly update (not financial advise!) on Agronomics a sort of cultured meat investment company and find out why I added another 12000 stocks of Agronomics.


Meat Tech 3D ($MITC) presentation: Meat 2.0 (3D Lab grown meat)

Introduction to Meat Tech 3D. I found this presentation by Meat Tech 3D useful to decide to take an initial position inthere. If you are looking to invest into cultured meat (also known as lab grown meat or clean meat) this is currently the only stock listed where you can directly invest into cultured meat.… Continue reading Meat Tech 3D ($MITC) presentation: Meat 2.0 (3D Lab grown meat)


Why I bought Unity ($U): Deep dive on Unity

I still wanted to write a blog why I purchased Unity. Much has to do with the fact they have most of the gaming market right now, but also because they have a huge potential in other markets.

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Deep dive on Galapagos ($GLPG): time to sell?

Galapagos was recently hit with the resignation of its CMO causing the stock to drop 8%, so we are checking here if there is any reason for panic.


Why I invested in Agronomics (ANIC)

I noticed some items are more suited for blogging and some more suited for Videos, so I hope you guys can forgive me that I kept it to a video this time where I explain why I decided to invest in Agronomics. I only started creating videos about 1 month ago, so I hope… Continue reading Why I invested in Agronomics (ANIC)