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June 2020 Portfolio update: Grupeer presents their plan to repay investors

The stockmarket didn't really seem to know what it wanted this month, we had a few drops and a few rises, but in general nothing to indicate that corona is behind us or that we are tumbling into a deeper crisis. I guess the stockmarket really hasn't made up its mind. Its not unexpected given the record breaking infections that we see across the world and especially in US that is dominating the stock market.

Financial Independence · investing

May 2020 Portfolio update: Grupeer has gone into default!

With Europe slowly recovering from the Corona crisis as shops and restaurants start to open again all over Europe we can see that last months recovery in the stock market continues. It might be strange to see such a good recovery with so many companies going bankrupt, but we can't forget governments worldwide are pumping money into the market like crazy. As a result its not really the stock market that goes up but rather the value of money that is going down. Stocks seem to be a safer haven then cash right now.