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Revealing all my blog statistics since I started this blog!

Find out all statistics of my blog since I start it in 2018. Find out how many visitors I got, and what I earned.


Change in URL to

In 2 weeks I will be changing the domain from to I chose Euromoney as I didn't knew what direction I wanted this blog to go out, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to have something about money and investing. As the entire blog is now about FIRE… Continue reading Change in URL to


Going on vacation to Luxembourg during Corona times | June update

Its now June Belgium has been stuck in the age of Corona for 3 months now. But again a month has gone by, read bellow what was changed and how this affects my life!

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How cycling will help you reach Financial Independence faster

Hobby's can have a bigger influence then you think about Financial independence. Remember every euro you spend is a euro less you can invest. I have done a dozen of different hobby's in my life, sailing, surfing, horse riding, scuba - diving, running, swimming, .. and the list goes on. Until I knew FIRE I… Continue reading How cycling will help you reach Financial Independence faster